NGFP Network

The Next Generation Foresight Practitioners community is one of the largest global networks of next-generation future-alert changemakers around the world. Our 600 members come from over 90 countries across 6 continents, with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. They are a diverse group of young leaders and innovators using futures and foresight to drive positive change. Every year, we welcome a new cohort of members, and some of the newcomers are invited to join our Fellowship journey. 

In order to support this incredible group, we also count on our judges and partners. Judges are foresight experts responsible for looking at applications, identifying those who are a good fit for our network, and selecting the applicants who will participate in our fellowship journey. Partners support the network’s existence and the amplification of its reach and impact through funding, collaboration, and visibility. Find our more about each of them below.

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