NGFP Africa Hub

NGFP Africa was activated in 2021 as an impact network where changemakers, emerging leaders and  futurists from different parts of the continent converge to create connections, spark collaboration and catalyse systemic changes. In common, they have the purpose of reimagining and enacting a more desirable future for their communities.

The network currently consists of 165 members and convenes on a monthly basis. The monthly NGFP Africa Meetups usually feature an African futures dialogue series, enhance peer-to-peer support, plug-in futures masterclasses, and serve as a platform for sparking collaborative sectoral projects.

The designing, network weaving and implementation of some NGFP Foresight Projects, such as the African Futures Leadership Series (funded by the Small Foundation) and the “Future of Data Governance in Africa”(funded by Omidyar Network) were important initiatives to  successfully strengthen the connection between NGFP members in Africa and enable the hub’s emergence. 

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