NGFP Steering Committee

NGFP is a community-led network. This means that our members are directly involved in shaping the priorities and the future of our network. Yearly, we appoint some of our members to form a Steering Committee to oversee NGFP’s activities. Their role is to make sure that we keep aligned to our vision, mission, principles and values and meet our objectives.

Each year a subset of the members will stay on for a second year to ensure continuity and a smooth transition. All members who step down will be invited to stay on as advisors and supporters, so the steering and leadership of the network will continue to grow organically year on year and become increasingly decentralised.

See who has been part of our Steering Committee:


Bárbara – Chile
Bárbara operates in the integration between anticipatory thinking, strategy, psychology, systems thinking, and eco-social regeneration. She has a bachelor’s degree in
Courtney – France
Courtney is a connector by nature with a focus on systems transition design for climate and social innovation. In the past
Deepshikha – India
Deepshikha is an architect, industrial designer, and futurist from India. She has worked on various projects ranging from city planning to
Hamood – Oman
Hamood is an HR professional with more than 10 years of experience into various HR fields ranging from recruitment, talent management,
Markus – South Africa
Markus is a futurist, foresight practitioner, strategist, business executive, musician, engineering technician, project manager and doctoral student. He started his career
Mathew – United States of America
Mathew is a Futures Studies PhD Candidate and Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawai’i at
Nancy – Kenya
Nancy is a Governance and Foresight Expert who seeks to tackle humanity’s systemic and wicked problems while working with others to

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