This collaborative project between the NGFP Network Members is supported by the NGFP Impact Fund

The African Futures & Foresight Action Forum (AFFAF) seeks to engage stakeholders across the African continent to delve into the societal & heritage issues across some select focus areas – health, environment, rural, African leadership & digital technology (HERALD).

The forum is centered on the growth & development of African culture, communities, sustainable industry by and for Africans; preserving and building on Africa’s evolving culture & traditions as well as reforms utilizing emerging technology to commit/permit policy and societal reforms towards an Afro-idealistic future.

NGFP Members

Markus Becker – Special Award Corporate, 2020, South Africa

Duncan Koome – NGFP Network Member, Kenya

Iman Bashir – NGFP Network Member, Kenya

Shem Omasire – NGFP Network Member, Kenya

Fisayo Oyewale – Walkabout Prizes Winner, 2021, Nigeria

AFFAF is a working group and platform interested in influencing and driving an African-centric approach to the foresight practice. The AFFAF aims to consolidate various case studies, policy briefs, white-papers, articles, podcasts & curated content into an African Futures Report annual publication.


AFFAF Podcast

  • This will be utilized in sensitization, digital-outreach and engagement on a number of issues affecting the continent and culture.
  • The program will also include the different tribes represented from the AfLS cohort and their visions and projects for the African future.

Research, Analysis & Reporting

  • On select subject matters (IGF, Colonization & Neo-colonization, Globalization, Future of work, New African Social Contract), with experts and cohort members exchanging views and opinions to synthesize an ideal African future through foresight.
  • The African Futures & Foresight Report will also feature articles from like-minded and visionary individuals both from Africa & the Diaspora.


  • The Action Forum would from time to time be engaged in advocacy from a futures and foresight perspective.
  • AFFAF is already compiling a civil suit against the Government of Kenya due to commence at the end of September 2022. This will feature in our call to action as we kick off the scheduled program.

The intended impact would be raising the collective intelligence of the African people, while taking a deep dive to concerns of a passing generation, majority of whom are farmers, and the abused & disconnected youth who seem to be spiraling down an uncertain and unsustainable future

Call To Action

AFFAF would like to invite all interested parties and potential collaborators to follow & keep in touch through our socials.